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Dog boarding criteria

Here are a few points that you may require to know prior to pursuing becoming a dog boarding client.

A more in depth information package will be provided with your booking contract.

* A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking

* There are twice daily, specific times as follows, for drop off and pick up

- pick up is either between 8:30 & 9 am or between 4 & 4:30 pm

- drop off either between 9:30 & 10 am or between 5 & 5:30 pm

- there are no pick ups or drop offs on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day nor the afternoon of Halloween  

For the optimum safety and well-being of your dog and others, boarding is only permitted if all of the following criteria are met.

* dogs must not be aggressive towards other dogs or people, including toy or food protectiveness

* dogs must not suffer from separation anxiety

* dogs must have been in good health, with no communicable illnesses within 30 days prior to boarding

* dogs must be up to date on vaccinations/titres with supporting documents from their veterinarian 

* dogs must be spayed or neutered

* dogs must be fully house (potty) trained

* dogs must be fully crate (kennel) trained as they will be sleeping in their crates at night

* all dogs must come to Purr Furred Pet Sitting for a meet & greet and contract signing prior to the first booking

* if there is a question on whether your dog may be uncomfortable or not fall within all of the regular boarding criteria then they must do a 2 night trial stay prior to a their first vacation or longer term booking


Can sometimes be accommodated.

Please state your special needs requirements upon first contact with Purr Furred Pet Sitting so that they can be addressed verbally prior to your meet & greet. 

Special needs dog boarding has a very limited availability.

Surcharges and/or special written consent for special needs are customized to each individual. 

Examples of special needs dog boarding are as follows but not limited to;

* a dog, that due to veterinarians recommendation for health or age can no longer be fully vaccinated, can be boarded but the owner must sign off that Purr Furred Pet Sitting is not liable for any related health issues

* a dog that is too young to have been spayed or neutered

* a dog with slight behavioral issues that is not yet well socialized, may be able to be the only boarder


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Frequently asked questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions not found here, or if you would like a more in depth discussion on an FAQ here.

what type pets do you care for besides cats and dogs?

We have experience with almost any house pet including reptiles, avian and exotics. With our experience we would usually feel very confident in learning and providing care for most any pet. Our most common pet sits are; cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, degus, birds (including aviaries), turtles, geckos, bearded dragons, fish bowls and aquariums.

how often do you recommend empty house insurance, security checks be done?

We recommend that you check in with your home insurance provider for this information as each policy is different.

what happens if our care giver falls ill or has an emergency?

Any of our care givers are capable to step in and cover for each other. We carry cards stating that we are pet care givers, in the event of an emergency they give directions to emergency personnel ensuring that you would be contacted by a Purr Furred employee or trusted representative.  Then you can either give permission for another Purr Furred care giver to take over your needs or make other arrangements if you prefer.

Can twice daily drop in visits be ACCOMMODATED?

Yes, if you are in our coverage areas and we have the availability, twice daily visits may be able to be accommodated between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm.

what types of medical pet care do you offer and is there an extra charge?

We can administer oral medications, insulin and inhalers at no extra cost as long as it falls within our booking time. Medical pet sits such as post op care, can sometimes be accommodated, please ask for a customized quote for your specific requirements.


A silver and black tabby kitten.

do you provide updates and pictures?

We love to keep you updated on your pets and homes! We will text or email reports and/or pictures up to twice daily depending on your requests or the type of service we are providing. We never hesitate to contact you if we have questions or concerns.

do you walk dogs?

Dog walking is only provided as a part of our small dog boarding service in Langdon.

can you provide proof of your stated business documents such as licensing, insurance, pet cpr etc.?

Yes we can, just ask.

what forms of payment do you take?

We take cash, cheque or e-transfer.

do i get to meet my pet sitter first?

We provide a free meet & greet to every new client prior to the beginning of your first service and we try to keep you with that same pet sitter when possible. The bonds that we form with your pets by seeing them frequently helps us know what is normal behavior for them and this helps us provide the best care possible. If a change in your care giver is ever required, we will have the new one stop in and meet everyone as well.

what other duties besides pet care and insurance checks can you cover in my home?

We will do light duties such as check your mail, water patio and house plants, take bins to and from the curb. Please ask if you have a duty in mind and we will let you know if we can accommodate.



Do you offer grooming services for boarders?

We do offer basic baths, blow drys and brush outs as well as ear cleaning and nail trims. We encourage long term boarders to use these services to stay within their regular upkeep schedule. We can also take your dog to his/her regular groomer appointments.

what do boarding dogs do all day?

Whatever they usually do at home, with extra attention, play and cuddles if that is what they want. We take mental stimulation, exercise and rest very seriously as they are major components in alleviating the stress of being away from their families. Our goal is always to provide the most comfort and well being that we can. 

how long will my dog be left alone for during the day?

Not long, if ever! Deanna, the main boarding caregiver, 'may' have a few drop in pet sits or empty house insurance checks in Chestermere or Langdon that only take a couple of hours total per day or want to run out for groceries or other errands. These visits are spread out into short trips around when it would make sense for a well exercised/stimulated/or lazy old dog to have a nap time! 

Do you offer off leash walks to your boarding clients?

No we do not. We usually do sidewalk walks only, but if approved by owner will do leash walks by the lake or river when we have single boarders. 

Do you charge for key pick up and drop off for drop in bookings?

Yes, we do charge for key pick up and drop off after your free initial meet and greet. We recommend leaving a copy of your house key with Purr Furred Pet Sitting but you are welcome to either pay the fees or even drop and pick up at Purr Furred Pet Sitting Inc in Langdon, AB. We also prefer to have 2 modes of entry to your home just in case one mode becomes nonviable i.e; the key pad lock battery dies and we cannot get in.

do you ever have job openings?

To date, we have kept to a very small group of sitters due to the high standards that we are unwilling to change. Our reputation and the care we provide are not something we take lightly. We will only ever consider working with individuals that are as heart centered and passionate about proper pet care as we are. As we meet the right people we will invite them to become a part of our growing team. If you feel that you might be a good fit with us please contact us.